Timetable for Active Schools Week

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Easter Raffle

Congratulations to the winners of the Parent Association Easter Egg Raffle.

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Irish Heart Booklets

We had booklets to fill in every day.

We got active for 60 minutes a day.

If you do more than 60 minutes you go on to extra minutes.

We got stickers for filling in the books.

We tried new  activities.

We played Drop the Cookie.

We got active homework.

The Let’s get active booklets lasted four weeks altogether.

When  we were finished we got Let’s Get Active certificates.

By Bobby and Mark




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Easter Egg Hunt

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Silverline Show

Last Tuesday a circus show came to our school. I was picked as a volunteer in the show. I had to blow a bugle and warn Kate when the little man came out. It was very hard to blow into the bugle. I had to try lots of times. I was in a band called the ‘Three Jaffa Cakes’. Lots of people got to help out in the show. Seán and Ella Marie played the French horn and Ellie played the garden hose. It was a pretty good show.

By Riley


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World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day a week late because of the snow and storm Emma. On Thursday we all dressed up as our favourite characters from books. World Book Day was lots of fun.

By Ava

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On Wednesdays 1st to 6th class went to swimming lessons. We did 8 weeks of swimming in the Apex. On the last day we all went on the slide.

By Hugh

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Barney Carey

On Friday, 23rd of February the whole school went to Watergate Theatre to see a play. The play was called Barney Carey Get’s His Wings. Barney loved flying around. He found a pair of wings but his Dad did not want him to wear wings to the match. Barney met a bearded lady. She told him that it’s okay to be different. His Dad realises that it is fun and then they both wore the wings to the match. The acting was very good. We had a good view of the play from the balcony. After the theatre we went to McDonalds. McDonalds had a PlayZone for kids.  We had a great time.

By Liam and Ellie

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10 @ 10

We started the 10 @ 10 on the 22nd of January. At 10 o’ clock, our alarms went off. We watched the 10 @ 10 videos on RTE Junior and did all the exercises.  Sometimes we did the 10 @ 10 in Irish. We all loved it and we hope to do it again sometime.

By Oisín


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Dogs Trust

Ted came to the school. He was cute but you should have seen him when he was a baby.

Heather brought him to the school. He was a rescue dog. He is 4 years old now.

Heather taught us the x-factor.


A girl called Heather from Dogs Trust came with Ted to our school. Ted is named Ted because a woman was driving in her car and looked through the mirror and she saw Ted. She thought Ted was a teddy bear but then she saw the ‘teddy’ walk across the road! So she drove back and collected him and brought him to the pound and Heather came and got him. Heather taught us lots of stuff about dogs. We got a certificate. It was fun and at the end, we got a pen and got to pet Ted.



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