Now Enrolling

Shanbogh National School is currently accepting applications for school year 2018/19. Please call to the school for application form or you can contact us by phone – 051 880308 or email at .

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Dogs Trust

Ted came to the school. He was cute but you should have seen him when he was a baby.

Heather brought him to the school. He was a rescue dog. He is 4 years old now.

Heather taught us the x-factor.


A girl called Heather from Dogs Trust came with Ted to our school. Ted is named Ted because a woman was driving in her car and looked through the mirror and she saw Ted. She thought Ted was a teddy bear but then she saw the ‘teddy’ walk across the road! So she drove back and collected him and brought him to the pound and Heather came and got him. Heather taught us lots of stuff about dogs. We got a certificate. It was fun and at the end, we got a pen and got to pet Ted.



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Exercise Stations on Fridays


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Quiz Wizards

Well done to Ava, Hugh, Ryan and Oisín for their stellar performance at the Credit Union Quiz in the Horse and Hound.

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Active School

We got our first Active School Flag in 2015. We have now re-applied to maintain our Active School status. This year’s committee is – Cathal, Seán, Ellie, Sarah, Bobby and Mark.

Our new playground leaders are – Mikey, Oisín, Ava and Liam.

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The Nativity Play

The pupils of Shanbogh entertained family and friends on Tuesday, December 19th. The Christmas story was told through music, drama and song. After the fantastic performance each child received a well-earned selection box while the adults enjoyed tea and cakes.

Preparing for the Play

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The Elf on the Shelf

Rossy, the Elf on the Shelf, arrived in Shanbogh School on Monday, December 18th. He kept an eye on us all – spending time in both classrooms and also the playground. He also watched the dress rehearsal for the Nativity Play and by all accounts was very impressed!



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Crazy Santa Dance Competition

Congratulations to Zach and Ava who won the Crazy Santa Dance competition.

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Snow Day

On the 10th of December 2017, it snowed. The whole school was covered in a white blanket. On Monday we had an epic snow battle. We all got soaked to the skin! We made massive snowballs and threw them everywhere. Everyone played. On Tuesday all kids from Juniors to 6th Class built a snowman. We all got snow and piled it up on soft frisbees. We named the snowman Coyote. We gave her a pink wig and a purple scarf. We really enjoyed the snow.

By Sarah, Ellie and Ava

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School Library

We have set up a lovely library in our school full of lots of very interesting books. We can sit down and relax with a book of fiction or non-fiction. We can also bring books home to read. Sometimes we write book reports about our favourite books. Mikey wrote about “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”. He told us all about the book during assembly.

“Developing good Literacy skills among all young people is fundamental to the life chances of each individual”.

National Strategy to Improve Literacy and Numeracy 2011 – 2020 DES.

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