Active School Flag

We all worked really hard during the year. We had a great Active School Week. Tadhg from the Active Schools came to talk to us and we told him all the things we did. We were awarded our second flag and were very happy. We recently had Sports Day and it was lots of fun. The blue team won  – Oisín, Ellie, Ryan, Mark and Xavier. Mikey and Zach won the three legged race and the wheelbarrow race! Cathal won the keepy uppie challenge with 65. Oisín won the crossbar challenge.

Ryan, Riley and Sarah


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School Tour

On our school tour we went to the Watershed. We went on a massive bus. First we did a maths trail. Then we played soccer with bats. We left our lunch at a base. Then we went on the wrecking ball.  Next we went on the water slide. We had a great time at the water slide. When we went back inside we had an obstacle course, zorb balls and then wipeout. In the end we played in the pool.  The bus arrived a half an hour late but it was a brilliant day.

Bobby and Dónal


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The Blue Star Flag

The objective of the Blue Star Programme is to foster better understanding and knowledge, by primary pupils, of how the EU affects our lives.  Pupils in the Senior Room completed fantastic projects on a variety of European countries. On Europe Day, May 9th, these projects were presented to parents, fellow students and local councillor Fidelis Doherty.  Also on this day, songs were sung in French, Italian and Irish, foods from the EU were displayed and consumed !  The Junior Room greeted guests using a variety of European languages and brought us through famous landmarks.

We were thrilled to receive our Blue Star Flag on Wednesday,  June 13th.


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Active School

We are working hard towards our second Active Flag. The Active School Flag process aims to get more schools, more active, more often.

Our Active School Week, April 23-27th, was a great success. A big thank you to all who helped out including

  • Ger Feeney – soccer
  • Becci Whelan – Modern Dance
  • Don Bradley – archery
  • Trish Byrne – badminton
  • Bernie Mullally, Shamie Dollard and Sean Kennedy – activities in Glenmore Hall
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We had archery with Don.

He attached balloons to the target.

We hit a good few of them.

Mark hit one over the fence.

It was hard to hit the target.

Bobby, Xavier, and Sarah hit the target the most.

We had lots of fun.

By Jack, Zach and Bobby


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Modern Dance

We did dancing with Becci. We jumped up and did a 360. We followed that with a fire work. Then we did our own move. We danced to September Song. We also danced to Despacito. At the end we relaxed. We meditated. We nearly fell asleep. We really enjoyed Becci’s visit. We are going to get certificates.

By Mark and Dónal


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On the 24th April we learned badminton skills with Trish. We started by playing with balloons which taught us about using forehand and backhand. Then we played with a racket and shuttlecock. We worked in pairs, one person threw a shuttlecock and the other person had to hit the shuttlecock. We had a game of Champion at the end and Oisín was the winner.  Sarah, Cathal, Oisín and I won prizes.

By Ava and Liam



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Walk a mile for GOAL


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5 A-side Soccer

We took part in the FAI 5 a-side soccer. We played three matches, against Bunscoil Rís, Clongeen and Ballyhack. We won two matches and lost one. Afterwards we got Four Star pizza.

By Seán

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Timetable for Active Schools Week

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